Inside Hotel

Mountain Bike Riding

From mountain biking across hilly Hunasgiriya road, there’s many an adventure to be had when vacation in Simpson’s Forest Hotel, Hit the walking trails or hike up Mount Hunasgiriya to witness spectacular views of your surroundings.

Tea Plucking

At Meenawatte Estate we will provide you with a basket in which to collect your leaves. Then we will take you out to our tea fields and show you which leaves to pluck. our professional tea pluckers will accompany you. You’ll amazed at how efficiency and quickly they manage to fill their baskets by comparison.

Then we return to the weighing shed, where our estate superintendent will inspect your efforts. he will reject any leaves that are unsuitable, so you must pay attention when picking or all your efforts will be in vain.

Simpon’s Tea Experience

This is the essential Tea Trails experience. Our Tea state Manager will demonstrate the age-old tea making process. First, follow the trail of the planters of old Ceylon, as they trekked through the dense jungle looking for the best slopes on which to plant tea. Then on to watch the tea puckers pick two leaves and a bud with deft hands.

Simpon’s Birds Watching

Bird watching in Sri Lanka is a wondrous opportunity to delve deep into the world of winged wonders as the island is home to a staggering 492 bird species of which 26 are endemic. If you are a bird lover, you will be delighted to know that the environs of our resort feature 96 resident avian species as well as migratory birds. With the help of the resident naturalist, you can set out to meet these feathered friends in various tours be it early morning, at twilight or on Simpson’s Estate.

Nature Trails

Simpson’s Nature Trail ls designed for discerning traveler to enjoy the scenery, the biodiversity and experience the rainforest eco-system. You may encounter many life forms, both fl ora and fauna, in this expedition. They are all free for you to observe, but please take extra care not to harm or disturb them.